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There are 55 names in this directory beginning with the letter J.
आपत्कालीन अपक्षेपण (न.), फेकून देणे (न.) Mar. Insur.(a voluntary sacrifice of cargo of a ship necessitated by immediately impending danger threatening the general interest)

अपक्षेपण करणे, फेकून देणे

लहान धक्का (पु.)

१ काम (न.), कार्य (न.) (as in odd jobs बारीक सारीक कामे) २ (a price of work, esp. one done for hire or profit) सोपीव काम (न.), आडकाम (न.)

१ सोपीव काम करणे, आडकाम करणे २ सटोडियाचा धंदा करणे

job analysis
कार्य विश्लेषण (the determination of the precise characteristics of a job or position through detailed observation and critical examination of the sequential activities, facilities required, conditions of work, and the qualifictions needed in a worker

job analyst
कार्य विश्लेषक

job card
कार्यपत्रिका (स्त्री.) (also job sheet)

job classification
कार्य वर्गीकरण (the grouping of jobs into classes usu. on the basis of work and level to pay)

job control
कार्य नियंत्रण

job description
कार्य वर्णन

job evaluation
कार्य मूल्यमापन (also job rating)

job opportunity
रोजगार संधि

job rating
job evaluation

job sheet
job card

१ (middleman) मध्यजन (पु.), अडत्या (पु.), (as a stock-jobber) सटोडिया (पु.) २ (a peace worker) उक्ते काम करणारा (पु.) ३ (one who provides labour in mills) मुकादम (पु.) ४ देशक (पु.)

jobbing backwards
वृत्तकथन (न.) (jobbing backwards refer to the practice of stressing the past progress of the company or trust as an inducement to the new investors)

१ सह २ संयुक्त, जोड-

joint account
१ संयुक्त लेखा २ संयुक्त खाते

joint and several
संयुक्त आणि पृथक

joint and several liability
संयुक्त आणि पृथक दायित्व

joint annuity
संयुक्त वार्षिकी, संयुक्त वर्षासन

joint bank account
संयुक्त बँक खाते

joint capital
संयुक्त भांडवल

joint cost
सह परिव्यय

joint demand
संयुक्त मागणी, जोड मागणी (said of commodities complementary to each other such as Bread and butter, tea and sugar, as a change in demand for one commodity brings about the similar change in the demand for the other)

joint family
संयुक्त कुटुंब

joint farming
संयुक्त शेती

joint holders
संयुक्त धारक, सहधारक (सा.)

joint life insurance
संयुक्त आयुर्विमा

joint meeting
संयुक्त सभा

joint product
सह उत्पादित वस्तु (as distinguished from by product-one of the two or more products of a substantial importance derived from the same raw material as gas and coke from coal)

joint stock
संयुक्त भांडवल

joint stock company
संयुक्त भांडवली कंपनी, संयुक्त मालकीची संस्था firm

joint stock farming
संयुक्त भांडवल शेती

joint supply
संयुक्त पुरवठा, जोड पुरवठा (e.g. joint supply of wool and mutton, beef and hides, gas and coke etc.)

joint venture
संयुक्त उपक्रम

joint-stock bank
credit bank commercial bank


jointly and severally
संयुक्तपणे आणि पृथकपणे

jokhmi hundi
जोखीम हुंडी (it is sometimes used in foreign trade; it is in a nature of an insurance transaction)

१ Book Keeping (a book or register of daily record of business accounts or transactions) रोजकीर्द (स्त्री.) २ (as a periodical, newspaper) कालिक (न.)

journal book
कीर्द पुस्तक

journal entry
कीर्द नोंद

१ Book Keeping (to keep a journal in accounting) रोजकीर्द ठेवणे २ (to enter or record in a journal) कीर्दलेखन करणे

१ Book Keeping रोजकीर्द ठेवणे (न.) २ कीर्दलेखन (न.)

प्रवास (पु.)

journey log-book
प्रवास रोजवही


juglar cycle
ज्युग्लर चक्र

अधिकारिता (स्त्री.) अखत्यारी (स्त्री.)

न्याय्य fair

just identified
नेमके अभिज्ञान

just price
न्याय्य मूल्य

jute textile industry
ताग वस्त्र उद्योग