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There are currently 39 names in this directory beginning with the letter Z.
झीटा (सं. Z) (symbol for zeta)

z axis
(as, one of the axes in a three dimensional rectangular coordinate system) z अक्ष (पु.) (झेड अक्ष)

z axis modulation
(as the intensity modulation of a cathode ray tube)z अक्ष आपरिवर्तन

z coefficient
z गुणांक (पु.)

(as one of the three coordinates in a three dimensional rectangular coordinate system) z सहनिर्देशक (पु.) (झीटा सहनिर्देशक)

Zeeman effect
(after Pieter Zeeman, Du. physicist - a phenomenon that is observed in the emission spectrum) झेमन परिणाम Stark effect स्टार्क परिणाम

१ Astron.(as the point of the celestial sphere that is vertically above the observer and directly opposite the nadir or that is vertically above any given point on the earth's surface) खस्वस्तिक (न.) २ (as the vault of the sky directly overhead) ख मध्य (प

Zener coefficient
झेनर गुणांक

Zener current
झेनर धारा

Zener diode
झेनर डायोड

Zener effect
Electronics झेनर परिणाम

Zener reference
झेनर संदर्भ

Zener voltage
झेनर व्होल्टता

शून्य (न.)

zero of a function
फलाचे शून्य

zero point energy
Electronics (energy remaining in a substance at the absolute zero of temperature) शू्न्य बिंदु ऊर्जा

zero point entropy
शून्य बिंदु एंट्रॉपी

zero point field
(in a quantum electrodynamics) शू्न्य बिंदु क्षेत्र

zero potential
Elec.Eng. शून्य विभव

zero shift
शून्य विस्थापन

zero state
शून्य अवस्था

(symbol Z) झीटा (पु.) (सं. Z)

zeta potential
झीटा विभव (सं. ) (also called electrokinetic potential)

नागमोड (स्त्री.)

नागमोडी (also zigzaggy)

नागमोडी रीतीने

zigzag reflection
नागमोडी परावर्तन

Met. झिंक (न.), जस्त (न.)

सरकबंद (पु.)

१ कटिबंधीय २ क्षेत्रीय ३ मंडलीय

zonal harmonic
कटिबंधीय संवादी

१ Geog., Geol. कटिबंध (पु.) २ प्रदेश (पु.) (as in prohibited zone प्रतिषिद्ध प्रदेश) झोन (पु.) ३ मंडल (न.)

zone axis
कटिबंध अक्ष

zone of a crystal
स्फटिकाचा प्रदेश

zone of silence
(a region surrounding a source of sound in which because of interference or refraction the sound is inaudible though it can be heard in more distant regions) शांतता प्रदेश (also loosely called skip zone)

zone plate
Optics झोन पट्टिका

zone purification
प्रदेश शुद्धीकरण

झोन पाडणे (न.)

Chem.(an ion carrying both positive and negative charge) त्स्विटर आयन (पु.)