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There are currently 17 names in this directory beginning with the letter Y.
१ (as a symbol) वाय (y) २ Math.(as a symbol - an unknown quantity) y (वाय - commonly written य)

y axis
(as the axis of ordinates in a plane Cartesian coordinate system; one of the three axes in a three dimensional rectangular coordinate sysem) y अक्ष (पु.) (वाय अक्ष)

y coordinate
१ (as ordinate) कोटि (स्त्री.) २ yसहनिर्देशक (पु.) (वाय सहनिर्देशक)

y voltage
Elec.Eng. y व्होल्टता (स्त्री.) (वाय व्होल्टता)

(as the british unit of length) यार्ड (पु.), वार (पु.)

Astron. वर्ष (न.) leap year अधिदिन वर्ष, लीप वर्ष light year प्रकाशवर्ष sidereal year नाक्षत्र वर्ष

यीस्ट (न.), किण्व (न.)

पीत रंग (पु.), पिवळा रंग (पु.)

पीत, पिवळा

yellow spot
(as of an eye) पीत बिंदु, पिवळा ठिपका

Chem. Nucleonics etc.(as the quantity of the end product produced from a given amount of initial reacting components) प्राप्ति (स्त्री.), उत्पन्न (न.)

(as to give way to presure, stress influence etc.) स्खलन होणे

yield point
Met. (as a stress sufficiently beyond the elastic limit) स्खलन बिंदु

Cathode Ray tubes, Elec.Eng., Magn. etc. धुरा (स्त्री.) (as in magnetic yoke चुंबकीय धुरा)

Young interference experiment
(after Thomas Young, Eng. physician and physicist) यंग व्यतिकरण प्रयोग

Young's modulus (as of elasticity)
यंगचा मापांक

Yukawa potential
Nucleonics (that described by a function for the meson field near a nucleus) युकावा विभव